Hot Stamp Labels

Hot stamp labels have a shine that goes beyond that of traditional labels, making your products pop in the marketplace. With hot stamp, you get the same attractive design options available with our standard labels, plus special effects that give your labels a high-class look. When it comes to standing out in a world full of products, foil labels may just the upgrade you need to earn your products prime shelf space.

Benefits of the hot stamp labeling process include:

  • Premium appearance
  • Eye-catching shimmer
  • Novelty
  • High-gloss for high visibility


The Print Process

The hot stamp process starts with special metallic paper. We offer both silver and gold color palettes with a range of color options, so we can provide you with exactly the look you want for your designer foil labels.

The silver or gold-based paper doesn’t limit your design options, though. We can incorporate your color label design into the hot stamp or cold-foil process, adding metallic effects to your to make it come alive on your product.

Consider hot stamp labels for products such as:

  • Bottled brews
  • Food packaging
  • Candles or soaps


Labeling isn’t just about putting your brand name on your products. It’s about putting your brand name on your products in a way that captures the attention of shoppers and makes them want to learn more about your items. With the right design and metallic touches, foil labels put a special mark on every product that you sell, setting your brand apart.

We focus our attention on every detail of your custom design to create the highest-quality, most professional labels for your brand. Let us handle your hot stamp needs to give your products their best chance at success.